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So I’ve finally hit two hundred followers! Thank you all for joining me on what’s proving to be a remarkably more complicated endeavor than I wanted it to be. You may have noticed I was absent for a bit; hopefully this will be rectified in the coming months.

First order of business:

I really, really wanted to stage a haiku contest in honor of my two hundredth follower. Honestly. I had the thought while I was at work. Then much to my surprise I gained a few followers during my day to day. So since I wasn’t able to launch any sort of absurd treasure hunt, I’m just going to post the link to my two hundredth follower’s blog:

Thank you for being one of my newest fans! (I’m also rather enjoying your blog as well.) So you should visit her. Just because we’re nothing if not an army of readers.


Second order of business:

My goal of bi-weekly updates has proven itself impossible. I don’t think this is sheer laziness, but the percentage is probably somewhere in the upper eighties and I’d really rather not think about it. The other issues are in order of appearance:






I figure I can fix a lot of these with my newest plea. I will still be posting new material, but I thought in this ever-evolving world it would be a great idea if I put out some feelers for feedback. I’d like to know what readers out there like about the story. I’d also like to know what they don’t like. Seriously.

But I don’t just beg without offering something in return. If any of you would like some eyes on specific sections of your own work, I’d be more than happy to take a look. I do edit for a living after all. I’m also available for editorial queries because (1) I like answering them and (2) they’d make great blog post fodder.


So fire away. And keep reading! (And also thank you.)

Fourteen Days Is Two Weeks Is a Fortnight

It’s Friday night, so I’ll keep this short.

Two weeks from tonight chapter one will be released. I’ve received some feedback from the preview and while it’s mostly positive, you will probably notice that the full chapter is slightly different. 

Do not panic. 

The difference will be purely in form, not content. (And I’ll fixing that disappointment we discussed earlier.)

So this really just serves as a general update: The prognosis is good!

We’re still on track, and there are a few new pictures over at the Happiness Index. You should check that out too. You know where it is. (And if you don’t, check the menu out at the top of the main page.)

Happy weekend all, and keep checking back for updates. You’ve all been great motivators, and though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “Thanks!”



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