Jeopardy Test, Game Theory, and Biting (Part II)

I figure after dropping the news that I was doing the Jeopardy thing that I might as well tell you how I did. Short answer: Better than normal! After trolling the Internet in the most obsessive way possible, I found a transcribed list of questions along with a list of (unofficial though not likely wrong) answers.


My completely non-legit score: 40/50


By conventional Jeopardy wisdom, this is a passing score. Now I just have to cross my fingers I get pulled from the pool of overachievers to do an audition. (Don’t hold your breath, but any well wishings will be received in the spirit they are given!)


As for the Game Theory class, I watched a few more lectures and expanded my knowledge base a few more centimeters. Not much more to report.


All in all, a pretty good week I should say. 


Oh, and my sister had a good birthday.