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Cows and Such

Hope everyone is enjoying Chapter One. I swear Chapter Two is on it’s way. It even has a snazzy title. Want to know what it is?


Then go check out the new countdown timer at the bottom of the page! What can I say I’m a sucker for new trinkets. The timer should be accurate too. I’ve been a little busy lately, hence the fewer updates, but we should be back on track.


And if you stick around for Chapter Two, you’ll find out what the whole Happiness Index is all about.


Hope everyone is keeping up on their writing goals. If you’re not and you need support, I’ll happily supply you with absurd words of encouragement.


All you have to do is ask.

Jeopardy Test, Game Theory, and Biting Off More Than One Can Chew

The title is slightly misleading. I am not having a nervous breakdown–yet–and I am still on deadline for this Website. (One of these days, I swear I’ll stop saying that, and there will actually be fiction. I swear.)


Tonight’s entry will have to be short as I’m going to take the Jeopardy test here in a little less than an hour. Wish me luck.

The other thing that’s threatening to eat up every ounce of free time that I have is this Game Theory course I’m taking online. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: If you haven’t stopped by, I strongly recommend doing so. It’s a great way to learn something that maybe you’ve always been interested in but hadn’t had the opportunity to explore.


Oh, and it’s free. (Win.)


So that’s it for tonight. Basically a glorified, verbose Twitter post. 


But hey, I needed to write something!


PS: It’s my sister’s birthday so: Happy Birthday, Kasey! 


I probably should have led with that.

The Word for the Day Is DisappointMENT

Day 1

I’ve been wheeling away at this blog as part of my resolution to write more. I made this decision because I’ve been working for the last year and a half in an editorial department for a print-on-demand publisher. Basically I get to see a lot of crappy books. 

Now imagine my surprise when I revisited the preview I posted for all of you to enjoy and found that not only would I have liked to change some things, but I also left the MENT off of disappointment. Which all and all I found to be pretty topical/funny/heartbreaking.


Why am I telling you this? Simple. The people who write the crappy books have actually finished their books. I want to at least finish one of mine. No more excuses.


I chose this one to tell online because (1) it’s fairly family friendly, (2) it deals with locations where I grew up that I’d like to revisit, and (3) it’s a lot more fun than the stuff I usually write. Point being I have two more resolutions for the new year besides finishing this story.


1. To not take myself so seriously.

2. To have fun with all projects.


I recommend everyone adopt these too.

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