Craft Services and Other Bad Ideas

As part of my resolve to write more, I decided that I should blog more too. You know, keep people interested in the stuff I have to say. I also set the start date for the chapter releases three weeks after the blog’s creation. I did this so I’d have some of them in advance, that way I ran a smaller risk of not releasing things in a timely manner.


Problem is I’m running out of things to talk about before the first chapter makes its debut. 


So then I figured if I can’t give writing advice, (because let’s face it, I have amateur written all over me) then the least I can do is explain how I do my thing. If it helps anyone else, then excellent. If not, I’ll attempt to find it cathartic anyway.


So this blog’s subject will be music. Do you write while listening to music? Do certain artists inspire stories for you? I’m interested to know because I have a guilty little secret.


Two words: Glenn Miller.


For some reason, no matter what genre I’m writing in or what the story is about, Glenn sets my frazzled nerves at ease. I honestly believe you could set almost any scene in the world to Moonlight Serenade. (We should really try that on a YouTube channel.)


So writers, who’s your go to inspiration when you need to calm your head and put your nose to the grindstone?