The Word for the Day Is DisappointMENT

Day 1

I’ve been wheeling away at this blog as part of my resolution to write more. I made this decision because I’ve been working for the last year and a half in an editorial department for a print-on-demand publisher. Basically I get to see a lot of crappy books. 

Now imagine my surprise when I revisited the preview I posted for all of you to enjoy and found that not only would I have liked to change some things, but I also left the MENT off of disappointment. Which all and all I found to be pretty topical/funny/heartbreaking.


Why am I telling you this? Simple. The people who write the crappy books have actually finished their books. I want to at least finish one of mine. No more excuses.


I chose this one to tell online because (1) it’s fairly family friendly, (2) it deals with locations where I grew up that I’d like to revisit, and (3) it’s a lot more fun than the stuff I usually write. Point being I have two more resolutions for the new year besides finishing this story.


1. To not take myself so seriously.

2. To have fun with all projects.


I recommend everyone adopt these too.