Things I Learned Today

Today I had my first informal workshop with Jan. Jan is a colleague of mine, and I have to say she offered me some very valuable advice. I only hope I was able to reciprocate.


Some things I learned today:

1) Apparently I’m sexist. I have my girl protagonist screaming all over the place. Jan wasn’t having any of it, so now you don’t have to either.

2) My dialogue is pretty good, but I’m lacking in description. To be honest, I think this stems from fear. Fear of writing something that people will think sucks. I’m working on this.

3) My ends are better than my beginnings. Jan marked up the first four of the ten pages I had her looking at. She said she got sucked in after that. (I hope she didn’t just get tired of reading!)

4) Barnes & Noble has comfortable chairs. Not workshop related, but totally true.

5) Finally, and perhaps most important, I have a strong community of friends and coworkers who only want me to succeed. I hope I’m not getting to sappy here, but it’s true. 2013 is shaping up to be a very productive and eye-opening year.


Have you learned anything new about your own writing recently? I’m always interested to hear from fellow bloggers.