Jeopardy Test, Game Theory, and Biting Off More Than One Can Chew

The title is slightly misleading. I am not having a nervous breakdown–yet–and I am still on deadline for this Website. (One of these days, I swear I’ll stop saying that, and there will actually be fiction. I swear.)


Tonight’s entry will have to be short as I’m going to take the Jeopardy test here in a little less than an hour. Wish me luck.

The other thing that’s threatening to eat up every ounce of free time that I have is this Game Theory course I’m taking online. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: If you haven’t stopped by, I strongly recommend doing so. It’s a great way to learn something that maybe you’ve always been interested in but hadn’t had the opportunity to explore.


Oh, and it’s free. (Win.)


So that’s it for tonight. Basically a glorified, verbose Twitter post. 


But hey, I needed to write something!


PS: It’s my sister’s birthday so: Happy Birthday, Kasey! 


I probably should have led with that.