Fourteen Days Is Two Weeks Is a Fortnight

It’s Friday night, so I’ll keep this short.

Two weeks from tonight chapter one will be released. I’ve received some feedback from the preview and while it’s mostly positive, you will probably notice that the full chapter is slightly different. 

Do not panic. 

The difference will be purely in form, not content. (And I’ll fixing that disappointment we discussed earlier.)

So this really just serves as a general update: The prognosis is good!

We’re still on track, and there are a few new pictures over at the Happiness Index. You should check that out too. You know where it is. (And if you don’t, check the menu out at the top of the main page.)

Happy weekend all, and keep checking back for updates. You’ve all been great motivators, and though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “Thanks!”