Audio Challenge

by consortiumofthecurious



So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of this thinking is taking place in my car. 


As an experiment, I’ve turned my car stereo into a library. The rationale being that I can listen to the cadence of books during my commute. I know a lot of you out there–myself included–use music as inspiration while you write. Now I hope none of you are writing in your notebook while your driving, so I can assume you have a free ear. My challenge, therefore, is for all of you writery types out there to use your car stereos as writing coaches.


(If you don’t have a car stereo, I guess this post really isn’t for you, but perhaps you can come up with an analogous scenario.)

I’m approaching my month with this tactic and show no signs of slowing.


One word of caution:

I highly recommend listening to books that are not in the genre you’re choosing to write in. While this certainly isn’t a requirement, I find it immensely helpful. You, after all, don’t want to steal someone’s voice no matter how subconscious the theft might be. Furthermore, you don’t really run the risk of turning your cozy mystery into a hard-boiled thriller just by listening.


Oh and there’s more. I do have two suggestions for audio books.


Suggestion the first:



Make sure to get the one narrated by Eric Conger; I can’t speak to any others.

This is a spinoff of John Sanford’s “Prey” series. If you like realistic settings, quirky characters, and a little bit of dark mystery, then this is totally for you. 


Suggestion the second:



Make sure to get the one narrated by Christina Moore; again, I can’t speak to any others.


If you like completely unrealistic dialogue (but in a great way), quirky characters, and light mystery, then this is definitely for you. Also, I read the first three books and listened to the fourth on audio. I’ve not read any others since. The narrator is that good. In fact, I went back and started the series again solely by CD this time.


So that’s the challenge. Take it or leave it. But whatever you do, I’m going to continue because this is one challenge that is so easy it feels like I should have been doing this all of my life.


If you already do this, please offer some suggestions!

If you don’t and decide to try, please let me know how it goes!


And that’s the news from Lake Wobegone.