Absurd Words of Encouragement

by consortiumofthecurious

For Lila

“I can see nothing” – Alice in Wonderland

“My, you must have good eyes” – Cheshire Cat


On a previous blog post, I set out a call offering absurd words of encouragement. I had a fellow blogger, Lila, ask, “Why should I write.” 

Well, Lila, this one is all for you.


For me writing is all about moments. There are moments we want to capture forever and moments we want to forget. Part of what makes us us is this idea that we can understand someone else’s moments through language.

Everyone can write. Everyone. 

By trade I’m an editor. I see a lot of bad stuff, and sometimes I see good stuff. But 99 percent of the time, I find a moment that will make me feel something. Sometimes it’s a laugh; sometimes it’s just a thought that occurs to me. But it always happens.

The long answer to your question is that you should write because someone out there is escaping to your moments. 

The short answer is if you don’t write, someone like me is going to come along and do an entire blog post telling you why you should.


And in the end, isn’t writing just easier?


PS: Everyone check out Lila’s site. I’m following her for a reason. There’s a hyperlink on her name in the dedication in case you missed it.


PPS: Also I swear chapter two is coming shortly. There was an eleventh hour rewrite. It’s still happening tonight.