Thursdays with Jan

by consortiumofthecurious

The second bi-weekly meeting of the Jan and David Writing Show was officially a success. Many things were learned, many drinks were consumed, and at some point, we’ll learn the joys of rewriting, but probably not today. (Sounds like a weekend project to me.)


A few general updates:

The Happiness Index will be making its first appearance in Chapter 2. Though it will be brief. Blink and you’ll miss it. 


The next chapter will take place about two years after the events of The Past Is Prologue. Don’t freak out, you didn’t blink or miss anything.


I’m out of control when it comes to plotting.


But, in all fairness, this blog has kept me going for nearly a month now, and while I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, I’ve never enjoyed focusing. In my past life I was a pair of bifocals, and I’m just kinda over it.


Last piece of news I wanted to share is that even though I’m going to deliver the best possible chapter I can given the time constraints I’ve self-inflicted, this in no way makes this a final draft. Any input is welcome. Any critiques will be taken on the chin. Give me your tired, poor, heckling masses! 


Though if you like what you see, I’ll take that too.


Goodnight everyone. The weekend calleth.